Saturday, June 25, 2016

Be the ONE!

Wow!! It's been a while since I last posted!!  I really need to get better at this :) 

Last week, I had the incredible opportunity to attend our spring court reporter's meeting with so many of my colleagues.  It was an amazing weekend!!  Made new friends, learned a lot of cool new things for my business, etc..  But the best speaker of the weekend for me was Paul Vitale.  I made the comment he could sell you swampland in Arizona.  So motivational!  If you ever get the chance to listen to him, I highly encourage it!  (And he's from Russellville, so that makes it even better LOL)

Anyway, he shared a story with us and I am going to do my best to retell it to you.  He attended the Super Bowl a few years back when the lights went out in the middle of the game.  The generators kicked on, but the game was delayed until all the lights came on about 30 minutes later.  He showed us a picture of this guy in his section.  While they were waiting, this guy decided they all needed to do the "Wave."  (We've all done this at some point or time, right?? LOL)  So he stands up, shouts, "Lets do the wave." About two or three people stand up.  So he tries again.   This time, a few more people stand up.  After a few tries, their whole section is standing up for the WAVE.  However, the section next to them is not interested.  So they boo at them!!  LOL  Long story short after about 20 minutes, the entire stadium is doing the WAVE.  Why?  Because one guy made a decision, stuck with it, and convinced 80,000 people to do the WAVE with him.  He made an impact on 80,000 people!!! 

So as I was driving home, I kept reliving that story.  I'm wondering if that guy knew he would have an impact (positive or negative) on anyone that day, let alone 80,000 people!  And then I put it into perspective in my Christian life.  Am I the ONE?  How am I impacting the people around me??  Think about it:  If I come home and I've had a horrible day, I'm not the most joyous person.  It will impact Dennis.  Before long, he's telling me how horrible his day was and we are both tired and worn out!  That's just one person!  But think if I changed my attitude -- the impact I can have.  If I smile at someone in Walmart who is having a bad day, but sees the love of Christ in me, maybe my smile can impact her, which in turn she will impact someone else, etc...  Does it make sense?? 

Let me try it this way:  I did a little devotion on this Sunday.  If Jeremy asks us to all go smile to two people and in turn we ask them to smile at two people --- well, that's math that I can't do.  Now, change that -- if we tell two people about the plan of Salvation, and they in turn tell two people, who in turn tell two people ------- get the impact just one person has!!!

Be the ONE!  Find what you can do to make an impact.  Is it teaching?  Is it in music?  Is it being faithful?  Make an impact in someone's life today!  Start your own WAVE!