Saturday, March 15, 2014

Nella's Chicken

So I'm not too good to admit that I love to use other people's recipes.  I have a friend/co-worker, LaNell Thompson, who is a great cook.  A few weeks ago, we were all tired at the office of fast food and decided we wanted some good "home cookin'" -- so LaNell to the rescue.  She decided to make us some of her baked chicken, mashed potatoes, and biscuits.  It was so good and so easy.  So I asked her if I could share her recipe on my blog and luckily for you, she said yes :)  And luckily for me, I get to use my new casserole dish that I got for Christmas and have never used.  Isn't it pretty??

So our list of characters includes:
Chicken breasts
Seasoning (I used Cavenders, Kosher salt)

In a skillet over medium heat with a couple of tablespoons of olive oil, sear the seasoned chicken on both sides.  Oh, and don't tell Dino I used olive oil -- he hates it!  I'm not sure why.  So I cook with it and he never even knows LOL  Once you sear your chicken, remove it and put it aside.

Then in a bowl, I mixed together a can of cream of chicken and a can of cream of mushroom.  LaNell says you can use mixed, or one of the same kind -- just take your pick.  I almost grabbed cream of celery instead of cream of mushroom.  That could have been good too!  LOL   I also dissolved a chicken bouillon cube in a cup of boiling water and mixed that in with my soup mixture.

Then I placed my chicken breasts in my casserole dish.  Don't they look delish??

And of my favorite parts!  I get to use my Rada knife and cutting board.  I absolutely LOVE my Rada cutlery.  And did you know that the shelter has an ongoing Rada fundraiser??  I'll provide the link to our site at the end of this blog.

Quarter up an onion -- I'm not an onion fan, so I used a small one.  And then cut up some peppers.  Something about the colored ones -- they are so pretty and makes the dish a little "fancier" looking, don't you think??
I didn't use all of them -- just a dab of each.  But not to worry -- I finished cutting up the rest and put in separate freezer bags so now, if I don't have fresh peppers, I can just go to my freezer.  Not as good as fresh, but it will do in a pinch...

So I placed my onions and peppers all around the chicken and poured the soup mixture on top of it. 

Cover with foil and bake 1 - 1/2 hours (depending on thickness of chicken) in a 350 degree oven. 

And then........voila!!!
Use some of the liquid to use a gravy over mashed potatoes or serve over a bed of rice.  Yummy!!!

And because we love cheese, I shredded some mild cheddar on top of my piece. 

Very tasty and super easy!  Thanks LaNell for a great Saturday lunch!!

Happy cooking!